Ultrastar® Data Hybrid Storage Platform

The Ultrastar Data Hybrid storage platforms are key element of next-generation disaggregated storage and Software-Defined Storage (SDS) systems. The compact, efficient form factor provides the flexibility to specify the HDD and SSD combinations for balancing capacity, performance, and cost.
A flash data acceleration tier can be enabled to serve both fast data and big data applications from a single platform. The Ultrastar Data addresses the demanding storage needs of large enterprise customers, storage OEMs, cloud service providers, as well as resellers/integrators requiring dense, shared HDD or hybrid storage.

Product Highlights

⦁ Up to 102 Ultrastar HDDs (SAS or SATA)
⦁ Up to 2.0PB⦁ 1 raw capacity in 4U using 20TB SMR HDDs
⦁ Hybrid support for data acceleration tier with SSDs (SAS or SATA) in up to 24 of the drive slots
⦁ Dual-port SAS for high availability or single-port SATA for low cost
⦁ Enterprise-grade redundant and hot-swappable PSUs, I/O modules, and fans
⦁ 5-year limited warranty

Applications and Workloads

⦁ SDS Environments
⦁ Big Data
⦁ Private Cloud
⦁ Data Analytics
⦁ Cloud Infrastructure
⦁ Backup and DR Repository
⦁ Surveillance


IsoVibe™ Vibration Isolation Technology
Precise cuts in the baseboard provide a suspension for the drives in the chassis, isolating them from transmitted vibration. The result is that consistent performance is maintained, even when all the drives are working hard.
ArcticFlow™ Thermal Zone Cooling Technology
By introducing cool air into the center of the chassis, drives operate at lower and more consistent temperatures than conventional systems. This results in lower fan speeds, reduced vibration, lower power consumption, quieter operation and ultimately higher reliability.
⦁ As used for storage capacity, 1GB = 1 billion bytes, 1TB = 1 trillion bytes, and 1PB = 1 quadrillion bytes. Actual user capacity may be less depending on operating environment

For more information please contact

Udi Taboch

System Engineer


972 – 55 – 6654452