Our Areas

?Why choose us

your success is our success

We know how to locate exactly your needs and make a very high level adjustment

to products and solutions that can help you meet your needs

because we are representing vendors from a wide range of solutions

Infrastructure, Network, Cyber Security we can help you to reduce technological and business risks

?Why work with us

Our vision is to be Value Added Distributor

We have several years of experience in distribution

We provide comprehensive solutions on 

Cyber Security & Network & infrastructure

We have an expert technology team with high level skills

Our focus is to maintain a high level of availability & simplicity

Years of Experience

Brilliant Team

Creative & Professional

Complex Sollutions

Lead you for success

Our Process

  • Technologies updates

    we build technological round tables together with our partners for end customers (cooperation with the vendors)

  • Lead generation

    we make marketing activities in all aspects and build strong relationship with our partners by building together strong pipeline

  • Summary

    our focus to make our partners Strong / professional / innovative / leading by managing the all process together – partnership !

  • Partners

    Locating ENT/ SME / SMB partners and tailoring vendors that can add a comprehensive solution to their customers

  • Training

    We take care to promote our partners up to professional level of knowledge – by focusing our partners on vendors and solutions that will give them added value

  • Certifications

    We build knowledge by making our partners certified in all technological solutions per vendor